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About Us Everything we do and develop is to make life safer and easier for our first responders. Creating Something Good Following Disaster After the disaster of 9/11/2001, a Los Angeles based physician and software developer, George Rajacich decided he … Read More

Fire Journal Membership

Membership and all its benefits. Supercharge Fire Journal with our cloud-based membership subscription. Implement seamless auto-sync with devices, auto scalability and nearly unlimited server-side storage. All for pennies on the dollar.   Penny wise. Dollar brilliant. What other databases charge multi-bucks … Read More


Fire Journal Updates Curious to know where Fire Journal is headed? Fire Journal Roadmap One of the most important functions for any software solution is to know where you’re going. Fire Journal has been developed to move the fire service … Read More


Fire station operations made easy. Now you can manage the daily journaling and incident reporting needs for your fire station at an incredible price. FREE. Learn More Make every shift count. Fire Journal is for firefighters and fire officers alike. It’s … Read More