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Web-Based services that expand your use
of Fire Journal and add additional capabilities
to your daily operations.
Using FireJournal™ when combined with the power of the Apple iPad® opens new vistas to data acquisition and management. Now, add in the cloud-based capability of FireJournal Cloud, and you have the tools on hand to track and account for your entire career. Access your data via any web browser and add mission-critical functionality to your operations. Once you start using FireJournal Cloud, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.

Cloud based features including:

Journal/Incident Backup

Automatically sync your data to Fire Journal Cloud and develop a long term history of journal data, incident reporting, forms, tasks, and action items. Manage your crew, tags, and see the big picture online. NOTE: No Internet connection is required to enter data into Fire Journal. Once an Internet connection is available, your iPad data will sync to Cloud.

Secure, Data Reliant Compliance

All data transferred to Fire Journal Cloud is transferred in an encrypted, secure manner. As individual users, you have the power of Apple’s Cloud system at your fingertips. (fire department accounts will include HIPPA compliant data encryption via Microsoft Azure)

Manage Forms and Data

When you subscribe to Fire Journal Cloud, you’ll receive ongoing VIP fire service forms every month or two. Use these forms to improve your daily operations, reporting, and company management, both in the fire station and in the field. VIP forms include those from NIMS, NFPA, and NFIRS. (some forms require in-app purchase)

Accurate Form Generation

When you create form content using Fire Journal, you can share that data via email, print, or message. Once you subscribe to Fire Journal Cloud, you’ll be able to output those forms in a format that exactly matches the government specified layout for those forms. It’s quite remarkable and there is nothing like it from any other source.

Send to NFIRS

Subscribers to Fire Journal Cloud will be able to not only print their NFIRS forms, but easily upload them directly to NFIRS. For the first time, you can submit your NFIRS data, and simultaneously attach that same NFIRS report to the incident journal entry. (requires in-app purchase)

Create Multiple Reports

Use Fire Journal Cloud to build reports that break out your journal entries, incident types, and form completions. Get the big picture and share it with your department’s planning and executive branch. (some forms require in-app purchase)


Too get started, download your FREE version of FireJournal. Once installed, you’ll be able to subscribe to Fire Journal Cloud There’s a FREE TRIAL PERIOD, so you’ll have a chance to test the cloud and determine if it’s the best solution for you. You’ll find Fire Journal Cloud in the shopping cart on the Fire Journal dashboard.

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