Frequently Asked Questions

What is FireJournal?

FireJournal is the 21st century answer to firefighter and fire station operations management. Using an iOS device, you will manage your career and fire station with the following capabilities:

  • Add public journals that you may share
  • Create private journal entries just for you
  • Add incident data for every run you have
  • Complete forms, including ICS and NFIRS forms
  • Manage your daily assignments, resources, crews and additional data
  • Track your incidents via maps that highlight every incident
  • Configure local incident types to match your city
  • Configure resources to match the apparatus in your town

FireJournal is designed to help you organize your day, report on your results, and to say goodbye to paper journals. Need to find out what happened for incident 222 on April 10, 2017, just add the date to the search function and instantly, the data will pop up for you. Share it with others as you see fit.

Does FireJournal Help Me Manage Incidents?

FireJournal is designed for fire station operations. There are a wide array of software applications for use in the field, including incident command, or ICS. FireJournal is designed to help you manage the reporting and accountability aspects of all fire station/company operations. So, while you might use paper and pen or a different software app to implement ICS on scene, you’ll use FireJournal Pro to create your incident report, NFIRS documents, etc.

What is FireJournal Cloud?

FireJournal Cloud is the online web service that links to FireJournal. FireJournal Cloud offers greatly expanded functionality and is an important add-on for users of FireJournal. Some of the things you can do when using FireJournal Cloud include:

  • Generate reports on multiple aspects of using FireJournal
  • Convert FireJournal form data into Government standardized forms for output, such as NFIRS and ICS forms
  • Make additional entries, or expand on existing entries made in FireJournal (and automatically sync changes back to FireJournal)
  • Manage a calendar, including tracking all of your incidents, events, and key activities
  • Implement advanced mapping capabilities, including using your ESRI mapping account (if you have one)
  • Review and share data from any incident, journal entry, or event with others

To subscribe to FireJournal Cloud!, download the latest version (v3.0 +) of FireJournal, and from the dashboard, tap on the shopping cart. You’ll be presented with multiple subscription options. It’s affordable and will increase your productivity and accountability. Check it out today.

Is There a Roadmap for FireJournal Cloud?

The roadmap for FireJournal Cloud is robust. During the coming months, a series of new forms will be added, including:

  • ICS-201
  • ICS-221
  • ICS-214
  • American Red Cross Smoke Alarm
  • Home Inspection and Smoke Alarm
  • Hiring
  • Vehicle Inspection
  • Fire Watch
  • Fire Code Violation
  • Business Inspection

In addition to forms, we’re in the process of building some strong capabilities for the Cloud that will tie into FireJournal. Some of these include:

  • Work Schedule
  • Paydays and Overtime Income Tracking
  • Shift Swaps and Trades (work schedule)
  • To-Do Lists

When you use FireJournal Cloud, your input on the things you would like to see added will help dictate how the app evolves over time. Stay in touch with us and we’ll build what you need!

I Can't Find a Form That I Want To Use...

PureCommand will be releasing a wide array of forms related to fire service operations, ranging from inventory to prevention. If you need a specific form, send us a note, via the help desk, and we’ll reply with information on the form you’re interested in. Forms and the results generated by forms are a very important part of the FireJournal ecosystem. If you have ideas for forms, reach out and let us know!

What is Fire Journal Pro?

Fire Journal Pro is an iOS application designed for firefighters with responsibilities that include journaling and management. Typically, this would involve officers and command staff. In some metro cities, a staff assistant or aide will have responsibilities that require a solution like Fire Journal Pro.

The key function of Fire Journal Pro is to eliminate paper journals and documents. We live in a digital world, and taking your fire station online is one of the most important improvements you can undertake.

NOTE: FireJournal PRO is discontinued. A new app, called FireJournal is now available from the App store. Support for PRO will continue through October 30, 2017.

Key Fact: FireJournal is a FREE app.

Which iOS version works best with FireJournal?

FireJournal’s best performance will be with a third generation or newer iPad and iOS 10. To see which devices are compatible, visit this page.

Is FireJournal a Multi-User app?

FireJournal is designed as a single user app. The framework for FireJournal supports the implementation of multi-user configurations, but that will only be available in the Enterprise (for fire departments) version of FireJournal and FireJournal Cloud.

What type of map support does FireJournal support?

FireJournal uses Apple maps as the standard mapping solution. Apple has worked diligently to improve their maps function, and it’s very user friendly and accurate in North America.

In the future, PureCommand will add ESRI mapping support to FireJournal and FireJournal Cloud. If your fire department has an ESRI account, you’ll be able to log in and implement all of the functionality your agency uses with ESRI.

How do I change the resources in FireJournal?

FireJournal has been designed to give you full control over the resources (apparatus and assigned officer ranks, etc.) you use for incident tracking. To make changes, just access the SETTINGS option from the Dashboard. To add resources, enter them in the provided field and then tap on the + button. To delete unused or unwanted resources, swipe left.

Can I Add Photos to my journal entries?

Photos are coming in the near future. Because FireJournal is linked to your personal  iCloud account, you’ll be able to either use your camera in your iOS device, or you’ll be able to choose from your photos library.

Will there be an Android version of FireJournal Pro?

FireJournal has been designed initially for iOS devices. This decision was made based on the combination of security provided via Apple, the stability of the iOS environment, and the results of early surveys that we conducted with fire and ems personnel. Having written this, we remain very interested in both Android and Windows Mobile operating environments. No decision has been made on if or when an Android version will be available, but when a determination is made, we’ll post information on our website. If you’re interested in an Android version, please let us know!

Will there be an iOS version of FireJournal that runs on the Apple iPhone?

Yes. We’ll announce a new version in the near future that is compatible with the latest iPhone versions.

Is there an Enterprise version of FireJournal for larger departments?

We’re working on an enterprise version that will support 2 fire stations or 200. There are a few hoops to jump through, and we’re working to ensure we have the best user experience possible. Look for new and additional announcements soon.

Can FireJournal be integrated with Computer Aided Dispatch, or CAD?

FireJournal is a fairly complex and structured application environment. It is fully capable of being integrated with any number of CAD software solutions. In order for FireJournal to link to a CAD solution, the following requirements must be met:

  • FireJournal Enterprise must be licensed to a fire department
  • The licensee (fire department) must provide access to their IT team
  • The CAD solution used by licensee must include an API (application programmer’s interface) for use with third party solutions
  • The licensee must pay for the software integration process (low cost and typically one time fee)

These are fairly standard requirements for any third party application, including software like PulsePoint. A future release of FireJournal will also allow personal versions to be linked to Enterprise versions (if permitted by your fire department).

If your department is interested in using your CAD system with FireJournal, get in touch with us.

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