Fire Journal
Enterprise Edition
Accountability Your Community
Can Count On.
FireJournal™ Enterprise Edition brings the easy-to-use and extensive feature set to a new level. Manage all of your resources from a centralized management app, including distribution, accessibility, and reporting.

What's Included?

Every Enterprise deployment includes a remote management app that determines who has access to FireJournal. Remotely load it on authorized devices, or allow existing devices access to the Enterprise solution. Switch devices on and off as required.

Additional capabilities include:

– Department wide (as authorized) access to FireJournal Cloud Enterprise.
– Customized use of your department logo and contact data
– Customized FAQ for internal support
– 24/7 Administrative support
– Customized local incident type listings
– Customized resource listings
– Customized Rank listing
– All additional forms released during the subscription period (at no additional charge)
– Custom implementation of all authorized members
– NFIRS BASIC form and upload to NFIRS
– Complete Department Training (Online via LMS)

Personalize FireJournal™ Enterprise Edition For Your Community

In addition to the centralized database and distributed iOS device management, you may further customize the Enterprise Edition to include the following:

– Customized Station Journals (say goodbye to paper journals)
– Mapping configured for battalions, districts, and demographic regions
– Complete set of NIMS ICS Forms (ISC 201 thru 219x)
– Inclusion of any “custom” Department forms
– Integration with dispatch CAD software
– ARSON Module
– Internal Affairs Module 
– Advanced mapping and camera support
– Apparatus Maintenance Module
– Station Inventory and Supplies Module
– Firefighter Union Support messaging
– Link to include recorded 911 calls 
– Link to include recorded radio traffic (Tac and Dispatch)

FireJournal Enterprise Edition will be available soon. To begin a dialog regarding how FireJournal Enterprise Edition and your department might work together, give us a shout, and let's discuss the many options available. We think you'll be delighted. 
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