After the disaster of 9/11/2001, a Los Angeles based physician and software developer, George Rajacich decided he wanted to do something about supporting first responders with new tools and capabilities.

A frequent visitor to New York, and extremely active within the City of Los Angeles, Dr. Rajacich began researching and looking into areas wherein first responders might benefit from new and improved software and technology-related services.

The result was the creation of a software development team – and the objective of creating easy-to-use yet powerful software for emergency response agencies.

The overall directives were specific:

  • The software must be easy to understand
  • The software must change the metric of cost/performance/support
  • The user must benefit in an immediate (life safety) manner
  • The solutions must evolve quickly, as technology moves faster than a wildfire

Today, PureCommand is actively developing a suite of tools that will aid first responders on-scene, at command posts, EOCs, and in their stations. From incident command to journal entries and management and much more, PureCommand is committed to improving the methods used by you – our first responders.

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