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Make Every Shift Count

The future of mobile fire service operations has arrived. Fire Journal™ has been designed by firefighters, incident managers, and software specialists to help you manage your daily activities faster, easier, and with better accountability.

You’ll discover the power of FireJournal within just a few minutes.

FireJournal gives you the power to combine all of your daily activities into a complete journalized history. Enter any activity that takes place during the day, including hiring, lineup, drills, fire prevention, shopping, maintenance, and more. Track each response, including both emergency and non-emergency, and track them historically on a map. attach key forms, such as an ICS-214. Use your voice to enter data – no typing required. When you need to research a past journal entry, you can find what you need in seconds. A private journal gives you the ability to record personal thoughts and impressions that only you can access. The operations journal can be shared with others, either as part of reporting the history of an incident, sharing information, or as an accountability tool.

So, make every shift count. Use FireJournal as your history of accountability, incidents, and on the job activities. There’s nothing else like it anywhere.

FireJournal is a FREE download from the app store. Forms, FireJournal Cloud and other features may be offered as in-app purchases.

FireJournal™ Cloud - Your Data in the Cloud

Journal/Incident Backup

Use your iPad to collect and enter data. As time goes by, sync your data to Fire Journal Cloud, creating reports and analysis.

Secure, HIPAA Compliance

The data transferred to FireJournal CONNECT is secure. FireJournal Cloud Enterprise (available soon) may be configured to share data with full HIPAA compliance (we partner with Microsoft Azure for Enterprise deployments).

Manage Forms and Data

FireJournal Cloud users will receive new forms every few months. NIMS, NFIRS, NFPA, and other forms that you will use in new, powerful ways.

Accurate Form Generation

Now, for the first time, create and export ICS, NFPA, and other forms that accurately match the hand-written formats you’re so familiar with.

Send to NFIRS

Transfer the NFIRS forms you’ve completed in FireJournal directly to NFIRS via FireJournal Cloud.

Create Multiple Reports

Use FireJournal Cloud to build reports that break out your journal entries, incident types, and form completions.

Some forms and related features may require a small
in-app purchase fee. Visit the Apple app store for details.
Connect your iPad to FireJournal™ Cloud for enhanced functionality and accountability. Gain direct connection to services such as NFIRS, ICS form output, Inspection tracking, and multi-user reporting.
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