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Make Every Shift Count

Fire Journal is for firefighters and fire officers alike. It’s faster than a pencil. It’s easy to use. It’s for smart devices, including  the Apple iPhone and iPad. It’s unlike anything else.

Use Fire Journal to manage the essential activities that make up a daily tour in a fire station. Record starting your shift and note who you relieved. Track your morning staff or lineup meetings. Record those things you currently write down in a logbook. 

For every incident you respond to, record the key information about that fire, rescue or EMS run. See each emergency and non emergency response on a map, and see how the map populates over time. Seeing a visual of trends can make managing your fire district more effective

Add tags to any journal entry, incident or form. There’s an unlimited number of tags possible. 

Keep track of your assignments, the apparatus or company you’re assigned to – even those days when you’re working overtime or when you move up to another station.

Capture data related to fire prevention, community risk reduction, and share that data with those that need the information. Complete a daily ICS-214 when operating as part of a campaign incident. When you subscribe to Fire Journal Cloud, you can export the ICS-214 to the exact form the incident commander (and NIMS) expects. 

Type using the built in or add-on keyboard, or just tap on the microphone and speak each entry – no typing required

Notice something that should be recorded, but wish to keep it private? Use the private journal to maintain a history of your career, of those issues you may wish to revisit in the future, or just as a daily (private) diary. 

So, step up to the challenge and make every shift count. Use FireJournal as your history of accountability, incidents, and on the job activities. There’s nothing else like it anywhere. FireJournal is a FREE download from the app store. Subscribe to Fire Journal Cloud and gain back office management, reporting, and much more.

Fire Journal™ Cloud - Your Fire Station in the Cloud

Advanced Management

Collect data using your mobile device (iPhone or iPad). When connected to the Internet, your mobile device will sync with Fire Journal Cloud. The Cloud application (works with any modern web browser) acts as a complete back office operations and management tool.

Your Data is Secure

Regardless of the device used, your data is secure by encrypting it when it’s in transit, storing it in the Cloud in an encrypted format, and using secure tokens for authentication.

Incident History

Track the history of any incident. Use the visual calendar, or select from a list of incidents in any time period. 

Accurate Form Generation

Now, for the first time, create and export NIMS and related forms that accurately match the hand-written formats you’re so familiar with. You can gather the data on your mobile device, update it and export it using the Cloud – and sidestep the manual written process!


Quickly view graphical charts that show the history of EMS, Rescue, and Fire incidents, when they occurred, and how they compare to other time periods. Accountability was never so easy.

Journal History

Track the content of any journal entry. Use the visual calendar or select from a list of journal entries.

Fire Journal Cloud is a subscription service and requires a fee. Visit the Apple app store for details.
Connect your iPhone or iPad to Fire Journal™ Cloud for enhanced functionality and fire station management tools. Ideal for any firefighter or fire officer managing their station and career.
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